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Free trial, no commitment required. Ongoing costs range from £300pa (final, based on predicted use).

"We found the system very simple and easy to use. Their technical support has been always very good and incredibly quick at responding to any enquiry we have had. For non-technical user like myself, is the perfect system, easy to set up and gets the job done." - Sonia Rodrigo, Monkton Combe School

Most commercial email distribution software results in your painstakinlgy crafted email looking like this when it's received:

No Images

With ours you can send images inside the email so the recipient sees it as you intended.

Email Marketing /
Bulk Email distribution

Distribute updates, newsletters, pricelists to your clients easily and according to best practice guidelines using your exsiting email software.  This product allows us to intercept the email that you send and then distribute it to your list from our servers.  It simply couldn't be easier.

Email Clients


Please see our Conditions of use and Setup Requirements.

Our pricing is not based on the number of emails sent, but rather the total volume of data sent.

If your emails are each around 500kB in size If your emails are each around 250kB in size If your emails are each around 25kB in size
Costs number of emails you can send per month cost per email number of emails you can send per month cost per email number of emails you can send per month cost per email
£300pa (£25pm) 2100 1.190p 4200 0.595p 42000 0.060p
£850pa (£70pm) 10500 0.675p 21000 0.337p 210000 0.034p
£1800pa (£150pm) 30000 0.500p 60000 0.250p 600000 0.025p
£2500pa (£210pm) 55000 0.379p 110000 0.189p 1100000 0.019p



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Commercial Internet Solutions provides internet applications and services to Small Business clients around London. from our Tier 4 hosting facility - Custodian in Maidstone Kent using n+1 redundant Supermicro servers.

We provide fast web and secure (SSL) imap and pop3 email hosting and cheap, compliant easy to use email marketing software.

We host, manage and backup Microsoft Windows Small Business Servers, dedicated Linux servers and Asterisk/ SIP based VoIP PBX solutions.